Welcome to the REALY EASY STAR Photographic Agency

Our story

Realy Easy Star was founded in 1992 and it specializes in photographs depicting Italy in a wide range of subjects such as art, architecture and towns, but also its National Parks and Nature Reserves with their flora and fauna.
Along with this vast archive on Italy, the Agency also has a considerable collection of international photographs.
In addition to working directly with our photographic archive, since the year 2000 we have been engaging external photographers to collaborate with us, given that our work has diversified into providing a complete picture-researching service as well as the images for the entire volumes of several Publishing companies.
We supply images for the following sectors:
  • Guidebooks
  • School books
  • Photographic books
  • Photo reportages on travel, landscapes, architecture, art, food
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Encyclopedias
  • Travel brochures
  • Posters
  • Calendars
We are currently transferring our photographic archive on line in the shortest time possible, but should you not find the images that most suit your publishing requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to verify whether the pictures you are looking for are available in our analogical archive. If so, they will be inserted into the database as quickly as possible or put onto a special page for exclusive viewing and, if suited to your needs, the images can then be downloaded for printing.
Our Agency also undertakes specific on-assigment work, as well as special commissions for books.


It is impossible to apply a single price, in that many influencing factors must be taken into account beforehand. In order to formulate our best price, we need to know several important facts concerning the use of our images:
  • the quantity of images to be utilized (a subscription to a pre-established number of images is also available, to be used whenever you choose)
  • where the images will be printed (what type of publication and whether or not it is a front-cover image)
  • whether national or international rights apply
  • the dimensions of the published image
  • the number of copies to be run
  • any eventual exclusivity contracts

The use of our images

On request, we release passwords for accumulative use with a pre-established number of high resolution downloads.

The photographs may be used worldwide for all publications in accordance with the law (with the exception of some photographs, where the rights are applicable exclusively to the country which will be indicated by our Agency).

Realy Easy Star cannot be held responsible for the publication of photographs of things, animals, people and places in magazines, books or exploitation of images which may damage the reputation of the subject itself; it is understood that the editor will take on the responsibility for the images published.

The images are the property of the photogaphers represented by Realy Easy Star S.a.s. and it is they who are responsible and in possession of the relative model/property releases of the subjects portrayed.

Upon payment of the reproduction rights, you may utilize the image once only (except where an agreement by contract states otherwise); any other additional use of the image must be paid at a price to be agreed for each singular publication.

The publication rights must be requested and paid for in full, before publishing the image.

A re-published image means that it has been printed for the same product (reprinted editions of guidebooks, books or magazines). An image utilized for a different product even by the same publisher, will consequently be calculated as a new utilization and not as a re-used image. It is compulsory for the image to carry a specific reference to both the photogapher and the Photographic Agency either on or within close vicinity to the image, or in the colophon reserved for credits.

If the picture researching is entrusted to our Agency, then the name of the researcher we have appointed together with the name of our Agency must be indicated under the heading “Picture Researcher”.

In order to download high resolution images, you will need a password which will be released on payment of the reproduction rights (except for cases where a different agreement with our Administration has been stipulated).

Payment for the reproduction rights can be carried out as follows:
by credit card with payment via Pay Pal or by Banker's Transfer.

Any controversies will fall within the competence of the Law Courts in Turin (Italy).


For further information email us at realyeasystar@gmail.com